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A Guide to Birthstones - Birthstones by Month & Their Powerful Properties

Birthstones are associated with every month of the year often indicating the astrological sign of a person’s birth. There are a myriad of myths and legends concerning birthstones, some even suggesting that wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightened its powers.

We may not know the full extent of the possibilities of Gemstones but here are the gemstones according to their designated months and astrological signs.


January is assigned the birthstone garnet. It is a symbol of physical love and relationships between loving partners, making it popular among aristocrats. Garnet also represents the zodiac sign Aquarius (21Jan- 21Feb).


The birthstone amethyst is assigned to February. Amethyst is associated with luxury. It was used as a highlight for crowns. It is a protective stone with the attributes of purifying the month and clearing negative thoughts. Amethyst also represents the Pisces (22Feb-21Mar) zodiac sign.


March is assigned the birthstone aquamarine. Aquamarine stones are associated harnessing the naturally soothing power of the sea. It provides a cool and refreshing energy to reawaken a sluggish soul. Furthermore, it heightens a person’s senses and restores the beauty of youth with its anti-aging properties.


April is assigned the gemstones quartz and diamond. Diamond is a spiritual stone which symbolizes perfection and illumination. Quartz is known as the master healer and an amplifier of energy and thoughts. It symbolizes purity and patience.


May is associated with emerald and chrysoprase. Emerald embodies inspiration, infinite patience, unity, compassion and unconditional love. Chrysoprase embodies optimism, joy and happiness.


June is assigned pearl and moonstone. Pearls symbolize truth, faith and love. They enhance personal integrity. Moonstone symbolizes new beginnings, inner growth and strength, success and good fortune in love and business.


July is associated with ruby and carnelian. Ruby is a symbol of good fortune, creativity, pure love and loyalty. Carnelian symbolizes motivation, endurance, leadership and courage. 


August is associated with peridot and onyx. Peridot symbolizes a feel-good feeling, abundance and prosperity. Onyx is a symbol of protection defense-wise and from negativity. 


September is associated with lapis lazuli and sapphire. Lapis lazuli symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, prosperity and abundance. Sapphire symbolizes wisdom and royalty. 


October is associated with tourmaline and opal. Tourmaline symbolizes enlightenment and insight. Opal symbolizes hope, innocence and purity.


November is associated with citrine and topaz. Citrine symbolizes wealth and abundance. Topaz is a symbol of love and affection. Topaz represents Sagittarius (22Nov-21Dec).


December is associated with turquoise and tanzanite. Turquoise symbolises good luck and protection. Tanzanite symbolizes wisdom, truth, dignity and spiritual mastery.

Other astrological gemstones are:

  • Chalcedony represents Aries (22Mar-20April). It symbolises positivity and optimism.
  • Agate represents Gemini (22May-21June). It symbolises harmony of the body, mind and spirit.

Birthstones can either represent a month and an astrological sign simultaneously or one of the two. Reflect and discover whether you reflect any of the properties of your birthstone or zodiac stone. Perhaps you could benefit from some of the positive properties mentioned above. We have some of the most beautiful gemstones from all over the world in our collection.

Browse our gemstone jewellery collection now and find out the benefits for yourself!

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7 Therapeutic Properties of Gemstones For Improved Quality of Life

When we hear about gemstones, the first thought that crosses our mind is of the jewels around our necks or beautiful diamond rings on our fingers. Our idea of gemstones is to show a kind of pedigree and class. However, have you ever imagined that gemstones could be more than just stones you wear on your neck or finger? Did you know that gemstones have a vast amount of therapeutic properties?

Here are seven therapeutic properties of gemstones that you probably never knew about. 

1. Calmness

Gemstones have a calming and relaxation effect, even cooling down emotions like anger. Examples: amazonite, apatite, aquamarine, aragonite etc. These gemstones are useful in treating mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Furthermore, gemstones like amethyst are effective in treating neurosis.

2. Clarity

Gemstones can aid your mental focus, discernment and wise decision making. They help you ground confusion and see the best of who you are and where best to use your energy. Examples:  azurite, charoite, diamond etc.

3. Empowerment

Gemstones help you find a place of power within yourself and to know where you are as a person. They give you awareness and wisdom. Examples: alexandrite, ruby, diamond etc. Gemstones help get rid of fears and phobias by initiating a believe-in-self attitude.

4. Inner Work

Inner work is about examining habits and patterns. It goes beyond your emotions or wounds. Gemstones help navigate dark waters in your life so that you uncover the deeper story of your life and find purpose. Moreover, they keep you connected to your heart and goodness. Navigating through these dark waters help you uncover the underlying issues that may cause your lack of well-being. Examples: amazonite, apache tears, lapis lazuli, tanzanite etc.

5. Abundance

Gemstones can help you become aware of the bounty of the universe (abundance) around you. They encourage you to open your heart to receive and shift your mind focus to the fact that the universe wants you to be happy and succeed. Examples: alexandrite, amber, aventurine, emerald, jade, pearl and peridot. Gemstones create an appetite for passionate pursuits and exhilarating energy to chase after your ambitions. Positive vibes are all you need for quick healing in therapy.

6. Positivity

Gemstones have a way of getting rid of all negativity contained in the mind. Life can be overwhelming and negative thoughts begin to creep in. Gemstones bring instant happiness especially when placed close to the heart. Sometimes, doing away with all negativity is enough healing in itself. Gemstones also create positive thoughts towards closure, major life changes and a higher consciousness. If you find yourself feeling anxious, uptight and harboring negativity, consider placing amethyst under your pillow and see the difference in the morning.

7. Tranquility

Even when used as an ornament, gemstones emanate a feeling of peace. Lack of peace is detrimental to both your physical and mental health. Gemstones wash away fear, anxiety and negativity, leaving peace and tranquility behind. If you struggle with fear and insecurity, gemstones are there to help you find some peace.

Gemstones have countless therapeutic properties that increase positivity and quality of life. Use them as a necklace or other jewel, or under your pillow. The method does not matter as much as their benefits do.

Here at The Family Jewels, we have an array of carefully selected, hand-crafted gemstones. Browse our gemstone collection online to find the perfect one for you or a loved one:

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The Crystal Healer - Physical, emotional and mental wellbeing through the power of gems.

The Age Old Power of Gems

For thousands of years many cultures have recognised the power of minerals (crystals and gemstones) to affect the physical, emotional and metal state of individuals and communities. The native American peoples use turquoise to aid in healing and general vitality while Hindu people have long associated gems with the seven Chakras represented as Ruby (crown), Carnelian (brow), Citrine (throat), emerald (heart), sapphire (solar plexus), indicolite (sacral or spleen and amethyst (root). Even in our modern western society, one simply has to see the effect a gem on any newly engaged woman's finger has to her overall demeanour to appreciate the power of gemstones on our feelings of wellbeing.


So what are some gems that can be used to enhance our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing in everyday life?

Here are a few 'super gems' that have been known to have positive affects on on various aspects of the physical, emotional and mental spheres. This is by no means and exhaustive list but rather a good starting point of some of the most widely accepted gems available:-


  Gem Physical Mental Emotional


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Known to positively affect the glands, eyes, kidneys and liver. Calms the nerves and provides clear thinking. Will bring a creative boost to problem solving. Grief may be reduced by wearing Aquamarine.


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Reduced toxicity in the body, aiding the blood system. Stimulates greater concentration and motivation to achieve one's goals. Dispels envious thoughts and anger, focusing  the being on contented feelings.


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Assisted the repair of the kidneys and liver. Brings muscular relaxation. Encourages rational, grounded thinking. Helps closed individuals open up and embrace closer, more fulfilling  relationships with others.


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Strengthens the heart and bones. Balances sex drive.  Lifts creativity and helps finds new ideas. Eases depressions and encourages positive thought.


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Reduces headaches. Helps even eating disorders.   Encourages grounding and tolerance of others. Enhances self esteem. Wards off negative energies of others.


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 Assists intestinal system and muscles.  Balances and provides confidence. Aids in restful sleep.  Reduces hostility and depression.


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Affects the heart.  Great for breaking bad habits and establishing new patterns. Aids in mending heart break and moving on from loss.


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 Aids glandular system and purifies the body. Connects logical thoughts and initiative feelings more effectively.   Balances emotions and heightens spiritual awareness. 


Embrace the Journey!

Beyond considering the traditional uses listing above, its important when selecting a gem for you that you trust your instincts and attraction to certain types of gems and to even individual pieces. It's a journey of discovery and like all other such journeys sometimes you just have to trust your gut!



Reference Material

'Crystals: It's your turn to heal' by Bryan Gardiner (1993)

'Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic' by Scott Cunninham (2002)

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