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Ayala Bar Jewellery - Timeless Treasures Waiting To Be Discovered

Born and raised in Israel, Ayala Bar graduated from art school and subsequently worked in many artistic areas, from theatre to interior design. Her breakthrough as a prominent Israeli jeweller came in the early 1990’s.

Ayala Bar’s collections of unique, limited edition jewellery have always stood out from the crowd and attracted a loyal following. Ayala Bar’s designs have always been innovative yet timeless, bold yet feminine, and international in appeal.


Jewellery Designer Ayala Bar In Her Israeli Studio


The designer’s jewellery blends natural elements like glass beads, crystals, and mineral stones with assorted metals to create a rich mosaic, resulting in intricate limited-edition pieces.

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WATCH NOW: A peek into Ayala Bar's studio

Credit: Images + Video (c) Ayala Bar

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